Best Hot Dogs

smoked chicken

smoked meat

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Not a smoked meat person? No worries.

In addition to smokedmeat, we have an amazing lunch menu and dinner menu.

Do you remember the taste of summer? At Abie's Summer is all year long with our Smoker in-house and BBQ flavoured all year long.  

Our Smoked Chicken has a Unique Spice Blend that wants you always coming back for more, Fresh Cut Chicken smoked and barbequed, yes I said barbequed.

There is no place in Montreal that can offer a real true classic hotdog charbroiled to perfection every time. Best Buns, Best Toppings, Best HotDog.

Montreal's Best Smoked Meat served all day!

Abie's is all about Smoked Meat, we have our own in House Slow Cooked, Perfect blend of spices. Result, best Smoked Meat in Town....Fries are awesome too.

Online Ordering now available..